Business Management Workshops

Join this interactive online workshop for 30 days, going through 10 Lessons designed to develop your disciplines of Business Management. Join the others as we collectively engage and learn from one another on the road to doing better work.

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Intro to Business Management

  • Business Fundamentals serves as the foundation for all Business Pathways. Courses in Business Fundamentals provide instruction in basic business skills and knowledge related to economic fundamentals, management, communications, finance, human relations, career development, ethics, and business etiquette.

Business Innovation

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Business & Technology

  • provides an overview of business and technology skills required for today's business environment. Use of Technology In Business. Technology is developed to meet a problem or opportunity. Businesses use technology to extend their abilities and to serve their customers. Business owners or entrepreneurs have the vision to recognize consumer wants and to devise ways to meet them. However, they will need to use technology to accomplish some of these goals, and in most cases, they will have to hire experienced technical people who can use technology to implement these ideas.

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Financial Management

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