Marketing Workshops

Join this interactive online workshop for 30 days, going through 10 Lessons designed to develop your disciplines in Marketing. Join the others as we collectively engage and learn from one another on the road to doing better work.

Person Analyzing Graphs On Screen

Intro to Marketing

  • The focus of the course is to give the student a working knowledge of the principles of marketing and the role of Marketing in Business.

Marketing Innovation

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Marketing & Technology

  • Marketing and technology have become increasingly important in the business world and they are being incorporated to increase the competitiveness of an organization. In the past, they were utilized as opposing divisions with varying programs, budgets and members.

Brand vs. Advertising

  • In branding, the entire process of building an image and establishing the uniqueness of a certain product are necessary. Branding happens in the marketplace for a certain period of time. Meanwhile, advertising is one tool that companies use for them to establish their respective brands in the market.

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