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Your Solution For Hair loss 

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a transformative cosmetic treatment that adds hair density or creates the appearance of a close, Caesar-style haircut. Ideal for both men and women, SMP offers a comprehensive answer to hair loss. 


Central to our approach is a deep dedication to understanding every client's individual hair loss experience, empowering us to deliver exceptional service with precision and care.

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Transform the effects of hair loss into a short Caesar or Fade haircut look. Embrace the change and start your journey towards showcasing the image you wish to present to the world.


Re-Imagine Hair loss

Break free from concealing hair loss and embrace the freedom and liberation in your new look.

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SMP Training

Pursue your path of excellence by acquiring new abilities through practical, hands-on experiences. Immerse yourself in a culture of learning and personal growth, as you hone your skills and expand your horizons.

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Timothy McIntosh, Jr.

W  E  L  C  O  M  E

Scalp Work, a premier hair loss solution provider, proudly serves both men and women in Bowie, MD, throughout the DMV area, and also in Durham, NC, nestled in the dynamic Research Triangle Park (RTP) region.


Timothy McIntosh, Jr.,has served an illustrious career encompassing diverse facets of the barber and beauty sector. This includes barber school and barbershop leadership, coupled with a notable stint on the NC State Board of Barber Examiners. Furthermore, Timothy holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University in Durham.


At Scalp Work, we specialize in bespoke hair loss treatments, meticulously designed to provide transformative results tailored to each individual client.



Men's SMP


Woman's SMP

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