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The SMP Process

SMP replicates hair follicles through the process of tattooing, matching hair color and skin tone. After the first session, some fading will occur as the ink settles in the scalp. Richer tone and depth of look is progressive as noticed by each successive treatment. 
On average, two - three sessions are necessary to complete your look a SMP treatment.

The Process

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(via Zoom, or in person)

  • Submit your photos for accurate evaluation of your current situation. If pictures are not submitted, your consultation appointment will be canceled.​

  • When ready Execute the Scope of Work document that articulates your desired service. (sent to your email via DocuSign)​

  • Submit the required deposit.​

  • First Session appointment is booked.

Session #1

The Foundation

  • Foundation is laid including the hairline, as well as coverage in all of the necessary areas that correspond to your desired service.

  • Results are immediate.​

  • Two weeks in between sessions, this will allow time for your scalp to rest and the pigment to settle.

Session #2

Depth of Color and Tone

  • Another layer is added. Depth of color and Tone gets visually richer.​

  • Adjustments are made in the areas needing attention.

Session #3

The Detail Work

The focus is on detail work, ensuring visual consistency culminating into a complete and cohesive finished look.

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